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Pooling, Our Thoughts

One project after another. Moonshadow, our villa on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, is like its own little HGTV network. We are on what we hope is our last big project for the foreseeable, which is renovating the swimming pool and the surrounding deck. This was begun when we were on the island at Christmas, and we have our fingers crossed that it's nearly completed.We've had non-slip tiles put on the deck, and the pool is having some tile added, some replaced, and the whole thing being regrouted.

Carolyn with new non-skid tiles and our first deck plant.

Deciding on tile is easy (do you like A or B; there isn't a tile showroom. it's literally, do you like A or B, or would you like to wait six months to start?) The work is being done by the personable Dwaye Hixon, who built the pool in the first place. This was good as he actually knew where the drain to the pool was buried under volcanic ash. Silly me; I was digging around for it, carefully avoiding the shallowly buried utility lines, but I was on the wrong wall.

Carolyn and Dwayne Hixon in pool contract negotiations.

We'll be able to see it in April, our first spring trip ever. About the only good thing about hitting 65 is that I can leave for a few days during the busy spring planting season without raising too many eyebrows at work. Meanwhile, the folks that are on the Island all winter look forward to April, as they feel that when the pool temps dip into the high 70's during the winter, it's too cold to swim. Boo-hoo.

Larry; the chairs are rolling on the ground laughing at his swimsuit.

I know. You are probably saying, so who needs a pool, isn't there, like, an ocean to swim in? That is true, and it's a big one at that. But we find that after working in the yard or running around the island shopping or touring, that a dip in the pool is a nice transition between the day and the obligatory rum punch at 5. Since all of the water on the island is from mountain springs, it's like swimming in Perrier, only without the fizz.

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