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What's passing by Montserrat?

Sail boat passing by
Cruise ship

We were back in Montserrat in April, bougainvillea and poui trees in bloom. From the pool deck we could see two cruise ships and the sand barge passing by. There are web sites where you can identify the ships (e.g.,, where they have been and where they are going. On the big map on the site, the Caribbean looks like there are a thousand ships colliding, cruise ships, ferries and transport barges. The enormous cruise ships look amazing and we wonder if hundreds of people have their binoculars on our little island and wish they were here. The sand barge pulled by a tug glides by twice a day, hauling sand from Plymouth to the various islands.

If we look up, most evenings we are out after dark looking at the stars, we can see satellites and sometimes the international space station passing over. The space station is the largest visible object way up there to pass over, a bright glowing light crossing the heavens in a matter of seconds. There are websites that help us figure out what's passing by overhead.

Ship tracker

Tracking the cruise ship
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