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Montserrat, West Indies

The green and mountainous Caribbean island of Montserrat lies about 300 miles southeast of Puerto Rico.   The island is 39 square miles in size, about the size of central London. Governed as a British overseas territory, today about 6000 people of predominantly African-Irish descent live in the northern region of the island. The southern region was made uninhabitable by the Soufriere Hills volcano that erupted in 1995, destroying the capital city of Plymouth. Although the volcano has been quiet for a number of years, a  film at the Volcano Observatory provides visitors with a view of the eruptions.  A boat trip along the coast or a guided minibus tour provides views of the remains of Plymouth. Several quiet beaches line the western side of the island. There are hikes through the drier Silver Hills in the north and the wetter Center Hills while a walk through the garden of the Montserrat National Trust shows off the native foliage. Small local restaurants offer Caribbean cuisine.  The "Happy" video shows off some of the island and its residents. More pictures of the island with links to various web sites can be found on our board on Pinterest . More details on the island can be found at


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